Hiring a mover makes a lot of sense. Maybe you have a lot of very heavy furniture and you can’t move all of it and get it to fit in your little Ford Focus. Or perhaps you have some valuable pieces and you would feel better having a professional mover handle them for you. Our little town of Katy, Texas may not be as big as cities like Houston but there are still plenty of services here including professional mover that will help you get settled in your new home. You could spend time flipping through the phone book or sifting through internet search results but why bother? Here is a list of movers in the Katy, Texas area who would love to transport your furniture and precious keepsakes for you.

– Katy Movers Inc. is a great local choice. A small business doesn’t mean small service. Katy Movers Inc. offers a full range of moving services including packing, unpacking and transporting your precious keepsakes. They offer free quotes tailored to your needs.

– Square Cow Movers operates in several areas around Texas; their Katy office is known as Chase Carrier. They offer all of the important moving services and are experts at moving oddly sized and shaped pieces of furniture.

– Whether you are moving across the street or across the state Pack-It Movers can get you there. Their customer service department is open 24 hours per day to help you decide the level of service that is best for you. They even have a price matching policy!

– Katy’s Most Reliable Moving Co. works hard to live up to their name. Their goal is to be affordable without having to sacrifice quality of service. They can even transport that giant piano you have been dreading to move.

– College Hunks (Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable Students) attend several of the colleges and universities nearby. Not only will you be supporting our local starving students but you’ll be taking advantage of a great selection of services ranging from local & long distance transport, storage solutions, junk hauling and even some minor demolition of an old building.

– You might have heard of a moving service called Two Men and a Truck. Their national network has a local branch and they can provide all of the services you have come to expect from the company.

– Baby Huey’s Moving is based in Houston but they don’t mind coming over to move your belongings for you. They specialize in the items that are hard to move such as that Baby Grand piano. They will even clean your old or new home if you want!

Hopefully you found the right moving company in this list. If there is some furniture or similarly heavy items you plan to move yourself then please remember to take a few basic precautions. Do some warm-up exercises like stretching before suddenly picking up heavy objects. If an object is too heavy then get some help before picking it up. Consider removing doors from their hinges before moving large pieces through them and be sure to use lots of padding to wrap your furniture while you are moving it.